Dear Rotarians: Our District 7690 is so excited for this conference to be happening and the opportunity to work with these students this summer. It should be an amazing conference building future leaders.

We need your help with four tasks. 

*  November 30th, 2022:  complete the Rotary Club Pledge Form informing us of how many students you wish to send to RYLA at a cost  of $550 per student. Your club will be billed by the district for your pledged amount. This will cover ALL COSTS for your students during the 4 days.

*   March 31st, 2023: The Student Participant Forms are due on or before this date. This is your opportunity to identify  rising upcoming juniors and seniors in high school that you would like to send to this amazing conference. We wish for the participants to be diverse based on gender and racial mix, so please keep that in mind when selecting your      students. 

*   Help your selected students with making sure their permission forms get completed, as well as making sure they have a ride to and from the conference. You are always welcome to stay a while and see what the conference is all about too!

*    After the conference, please schedule for your RYLA student/s to do a program for your club about what they learned and how they will apply their new skills. This is critical for your club to see what a difference they have made and how important it will be to send students year after year!

Thank you for providing this meaningful program to a new generation of leaders!

​Below is the list of items need to fill out the online submission form. Please make sure you have this information before filling out the form, since it is required information to be able to submit the online application.

Student Name *
First Name Requested for Badge: *
Gender *
Birthdate: *
Student E-mail *
Student Phone Number *
Address *
High School Attending: *
T-Shirt Size: *
Any Food Allergies / Considerations:
Parent/Guardian Name: *
Parent/Guardian Phone Number (To Be Used in Case of Emergency During Conference) *
Parent Email: *
Secondary Emergency Contact: *
Phone Number *


    We have been asked – what are some connections we can make to find students?

First of all – MEMBERS OF YOUR CLUB. This is an event that we would love to have every Rotarian’s child or grandchild attend the program. Please make sure your member has a chance to have their own students nominated. NEXT STEP – your local high school(s). Every school has a counselor / career area that are looking for opportunities like this for FREE opportunities to advance leaders from their school. A simple phone call will typically go a long way in making connections. Also asking about community service clubs at the school is another great resource. Even if we don’t have an Interact club, there is typically a key club or some sort of community service club if you ask. LASTLY – community clubs, such as boys and girls clubs, ROTC, and even YMCA’s can have leadership programs for teens to find students. Let us know if we can help you make connections in your area. We have attached a one page flyer about this year’s conference to help you advertise and tell about this amazing conference headed their way.

1 Page Flyer To Use at Local Schools, clubs, etc.


    We have also been asked – what is a good process for selecting students? Both a small paper application or interviews (either in-person or over online formats) are great ways to get to know a student to help your selection process. We encourage having them answer a couple of the following questions to get to know them and their leadership drives a little more in depth.

What makes a good leader?

What is Community Service and why should we encourage it?

What community service activities have you been involved in (if any yet?)

What organizations are you involved in that talk about leadership / community service?

What is something about you that makes you stand out as a leader?

What is a goal you have for your future?

If someone nominated you – why do you think you were chosen?

What is something that drives you to succeed?

June 15th - 18th, 2023

Contact Us Any Time! or call Executive Director Kristi Kinsey directly at (904) 826-7819

Rotary District 7690.RYLA