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June 15th - 18th, 2023

Rotary District 7690.RYLA

What makes RYLA so special is its staff!

It takes Counselors who are passionate about investing in young leaders.

Our Counselors want to see the next wave of young leaders released upon the world to be a source of good in the world.  They want to be on the front lines of affecting real-world positive impact.

The best part is there is room to be on this amazing team of young people who want to “Be The Good”!

Please check out the two possible Counselor Roles below and fill out an application today to join the team.

Applications are DUE BY MARCH 31st to be considered.


Pre-RYLA Virtual Training - Sunday afternoon, mid-May (2-5 PM)

Arrive for Conference Prep - Tuesday June 11th @ 4 PM

Stay until Conference Tear Down complete Sunday June 16th at approximately 4 PM

Counselor (Ages 20-26)

Counselor Requisites and Responsibilities

Counselor Application Online Form

Junior Counselor (Ages 16-20)

JuCo Requisites and Responsibilities

JuCo Application Online Form