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Rotary District 7690.RYLA

RYLA 7690 Counselor Requisites and Responsibilities

               The RYLA 7690 is highly dependent on dynamic Counselors who are passionate about investing in youth leaders.  The ideal Counselor is someone who wants to be a part of releasing the next wave of young leaders upon the world.  The conference requires a lot of hard work and a lot of concern for the well-being of the RYLA participants and a desire for students to have the best, life-changing experience as possible.

            With this goal in mind RYLA 7690 will seek individuals as Counselors to help facilitate RYLA 7690 based on the following requisites and responsibilities:

Requirements and Preferred RYLA Involvement

High School Graduate or Home-School Equivalent
Age 20-26
Prior RYLA Attendance Highly Favored
Prior RYLA Counselor and/or Junior Counselor Experience Highly Favored

Role and Duties

Responsible for ensuring participants have a blast and a life-changing experience
Directly responsible for engaging a small group of participants (Counselor Group) before, during, and after the conference as friend, guide, mentor, brother/sister
Ensuring that Counselor Group participants are engaging in all conference activities during event
Assist with RYLA Site Prep, Load In/Load Out, Check In/Check Out
Assisting in maintaining safety and security for all participants at event
Assisting RYLA Board of Directors in tasks for activities prep during event
Facilitating/speaking for certain breakout session activities
Attending Pre-conference Training(s)
Participating in nightly debrief sessions during conference
Overall having a “go the 2nd mile for someone” attitude towards all RYLA Staff, Participants, Session Speakers, and Rotarians present at the event
Putting the success of RYLA 7690 first in all words and deeds